Introducing Lime Go for iOS

Work dosen’t solely happen at work anymore. Modern technology has enable us to work from home, on the road, at 10 000ft on a transatlantic flight or basically anywhere. To be able to do your important sales work while on the move has always been a top priority for us. Lime Go is built on modern web technology, available and running smooth on any modern device. However having a native iOS app brings many advantages that you can’t achieve with a pure web solution, such as notifications, integrations with address book, maps or other native apps. 

Today we are introducing an iOS app for Lime Go, bringing you even more speed and convenience when using Lime Go on your iPhone or iPad. The app is a hybrid app, bringing you the best parts of a native experience, while still have the functionality and familiarity of our web interface. This is our first release of the iOS app and we will bring you even more features down the line, were notifications is our top priority.

You find the app here:

Lime Go i App Store