We just added the ability to sort your filters based on the number of hits. You can find these filters on many places in Lime Go, for example when you create a call list or when you look at your deals. What’s really cool with this feature is how it gives you a unique ability to analyze your customer segments! Let me show you how to do it!

First head over to Contacts > All Companies.


In the filter view I select Relation and Is a Customer and click Use


Then I select Industry and click on the Count heading. The result is now sorted on the number of hits in each industry where I have a customer. I can now see in which industries I have the most customers. As we keep this data correct and always up to date, you can actually trust the data in your CRM! For me It seems to be consultants and computer programers.


I can do the same with for example Region to see in which regions I have the most customers. Looks like it is in Swedens major metropolitan areas. 


Finally I look at number of employees and can see we have most of our customers in smaller companies.


Thanks to this new feature and the built in data in Lime Go I now know that most of my customers are smaller companies working with programming or consultancy in Stockholm, Gothenburg or Malmö. An analysis like this is impossible or very expensive to make for most businesses, but as a Lime Go customer you can do it in seconds and for free. Of course you can mix and match the filters here or on your deal overview to gain even more insights.

Happy filtering!